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The butterfly was taped to your hand while you were floating in the void. You never had a choice.

Danica Jekic, Bubble Gum


  As you go along you reinvent and update the story, I'm this, I'm that, I'm going there, that's why I went there...

-Aiden Brady, What future in this land of dreamless sleep

The crow speaks nothing, but the quiet is loud

-Sarah Caulfield, The crow

I’d ponder whether it was magic or aliens or an act of God later.

- Dr Jack Fennell, Tiresias falling of a log

That laughter again – like being a woman is a punchline…

 -Lauren Anne Cassidy, Gutter Gazing & Other Things that Matter (A Transcript)

These are the moments in which the boundaries between editor and author can start to blur.

-Dr Tim Groenland, Unwrapping the Parcel: Editing as Metamorphosis

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